Annette Yoho Feltes - Sculpture Artist
The Tea Party!
6' x 6' x 6'
Multimedia sculptural installation


    This whimsical installation is an homage to the make-believe worlds of youth. I cannot imagine how many tea parties I had and the countless number of guests I entertained.  I actually believe that the Queen of England showed up to one of mine, of course, I served Earl Grey on that occasion.

      I grew up drinking my tea plain like my Great Aunt Lillian. I wanted to be just like her, she was a fascinating person.  She had been a nurse in England during WWII.  I remember walking about my grandmother's yard with her and she would tell me stories of places and people. She described things I could not imagine. One day she took a geranium leaf and rubbed the oil on my wrist. "You should always wear a scent," she said. I always wear a scent.
      Another amazing woman in my past was my Great Aunt Helen.  She was this Bohemian firecracker with bangles up her wrist and ankle long skirts.  You felt completely adored when you were with her. We would walk hand in hand through the fields and every moment was filled with words or laughter.

       Last, there was my  lovely Grandmother.  My grandmother taught me to set a proper place setting and to make a proper bed. She tried her best at manners and etiquette though I am certain she was aware of my feral nature. She always greeted me with her kind eyes and a warm embrace.

      Sometimes I just sit with these three women in my mind.  Their faces are slowly fading but their essence can still be felt as strong as the day I met them. 

     I have begun recycling the memories of my childhood.  Just like all the parts used to create this piece.  Going back into your memories and reassigning the value of the memories.  Allowing the dark ones to fade to the back and the magical ones to raise to the top.  
Recycling is the cycle of nature.

Firecracker Flower:
Recycled paper and glass, stoneware,limestone, and steel rod

The Weeping for all Humanity Pear Tree

Made from welded steel rod, piano tuning pegs,wood, saw blade, porcelain pears cast from the ice cream mold 
from my Great Aunt.
"This tree weeps all day long,"  I said to my friend Michael.
"It is weeping for all humanity?" he asked, "It only has four pears." 
"Humanity is screwed," I said.
 "Perhaps they are like the bread and wine," he said.
 "Perhaps," I thought.

Make a Wish   
This porcelain, piano wires, steel rod, and sheet metal dandelion that has gone to seed is for really, really big wishes

Little Party Girl

She has hair of rope, eyes of bolts and enameled copper, cheeks of glass, teeth of screws, of enameled copper, exhaust pipe neck, body and face old furnace plates and wood,  arms of steel rods and old springs, legs, and feet from pneumatic door openers and wood.
 Her clothes are from my children's old shower curtain, karate pants, and  Her Dolly is made from an old curtain and shower curtain eyes.
With her recycled fur pinwheel, she is ready for the tea party.

Fleur Dangereuse

If you like the scent of danger, with saw blades petals, sanding disc, wire wheel, a gear center, steel rod stem, and sheet metal leaf from a furnace duct, this is the flower for you.