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The Red Carpet

For women like the “Matildas” in the world, fashion was all that exists.  Her plastic surgeon was on speed dial.  She lived for the red carpet and the giant magnifying glass that came with it.   The others were jealous of her, she thought, as she read through all the reviews the next day.  Joan Rivers loved Matilda, because next to Matilda, Joan felt normal.  Ironically, it was Joan who had sent her down this path of physical mutation in an effort to become more beautiful and youthful in appearance—reshaping the effects of nature and time. All that mattered was that she felt beautiful when she looked in the mirror, and she did.
Etta, on the other hand, was naturally quite beautiful.  She was statuesque and stunning to behold.  She did not know this; no, she felt ordinary.  Her features, to her, were no different from anyone else.  In fact, at times, she often felt plain and unattractive.  When she would dress up to go places, people would stare.  They would not smile at her, only stare.  She would make several trips to the bathroom to make sure there was nothing hanging from her nose or green stuff lodged between her teeth.  Going out often required a certain amount of alcohol to make the staring people invisible.  Often she would find that, after a couple of drinks, she would feel like a well- dressed Cyclops, which was the only way to explain for why people were staring.   Etta could live without the red carpet.
22” x 5” x 13”
Mixed Media: Stoneware, fur, wire, found objects, and feathers
April 2012
A Well Dressed Cyclops
8” x 13” x 15”
Mixed Media: Stoneware, fur, wire, wood, clothe and found objects
April 2012

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