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The Guardian

Grudges cause turmoil and strife in the world.  Grudges handed down from generation to generation. Grudges are formed by one means or another, real or imagined.  Some people are more prone to grudges.  An ill-received passing glance was all it took to create a grudge in some people.  Others formed grudges as a protective barrier to give constant reminder not to trust a person or group.  Grudges actually became these sharp, almost glass-like masses inside a person, under the dermis, to cause constant irritation. This irritation separated people, prohibiting any flow from one to another.  The human race was in constant discord.  
A New World Order was formed.  Its objective is to unify humans back to their natural state of harmony. The NWO insisted that all grudges be removed from the people on earth. Scanners were developed to detect where grudges had formed.  Everyone had to be scanned.   Once detected, those affected had to go through the painful process having these glass like shards resected; the NWO insisted that it be a painful process so people would remember it.   Some people were so riddled with grudges that they could not survive the removal process.  Their deaths were deemed necessary by the high council for the harmony of the earth. 
Once removed these glass shards were placed in a white disposal container that hung high over the earth.  A cockatrice stood as guardian of the grudges, keeping all away with its gaze that could turn folks to stone.  He was also given feet to crush and a beak to tear human flesh for those that got past his gaze. 
Dormant white seeds of peace began to spout in the world, seeds that could only sprout in a pure environment.
The Guardian
26” x 19” x 15”
Stoneware, fur, wood and wax
June 2012

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