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Come on Down!!

According to the BP representative smiling in the commercials, who claims to live in the Gulf area, all the oil from the spill has all been cleaned up, and everything is back to normal and better than ever.  “Come on down.” Normal? Really? 200 million gallons of oil gushed out to pollute once pristine water.  It is not been determined actually how much of that has actually been recovered.  What oceanographers are finding is that remnants from the massive oil spill plume--bigger than that of the Exxon Valdez and about size of Kansas--that had been on the top of the water, and had not been recovered or washed ashore, now rests on the bottom of the Gulf.  In these areas of crude oil, up to two inches deep, deposited on the ocean floor scientists are finding that very little sea life can survive. Mutations, along with lesions and tumor like masses, are afflicting the sea life left in the deep.  Scientists believe it is the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from the oil that are causing these mutations.   Additionally,  1,100,000 gallons of dispersants have been dumped at the wellhead with hope of helping the microbes in the ocean digest the crude oil.  These, however, have been long known to cause cancer and genetic mutations. BP should do its commercials from the ocean floor with divers standing in the 2inches of crude oil sediment that now sits atop the normal sediment, or perhaps on the fishing boats, as  fishermen sort through the eyeless shrimp, and pull in fish with lesions or pink tumors hanging from their gills and eyes, crabs without eyes or claws, and hard shell crabs with soft flexible shells. Perhaps BP should stop saying that everything is back to “normal” in the Gulf of Mexico and tell the truth that the Gulf of Mexico has a new toxic normal. The Deep21” x 24”Mixed Media PanelMay 2012

[i] Business Insider:  These Frightening Mutated Creatures Living In The Gulf Will Make You Sick, 

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