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1. To rob of goods by force, especially in time of war; pillage: plunder a village.
2. To seize wrongfully or by force; steal: plundered the supplies.
There has become frenzy in the deep parts of the sea, a frenzy to survive.  The dominant males have stopped all mating rituals that may have existed and have began to plunder the females that they found.  The need to reproduce grew fierce and competitive in the males.  The male demersal fish’s reproductive organ had grown long from the frontal region of its ever changing body shape.  The poor female’s receiving organ had grown vulnerably from the very front region of her body.  The males had also grown these very long sharp thorny protrusions from their reproductive organs.  The purpose thorny protrusions are to render the female unable to reproduce with any other male if they survived the violent attack.  In essence,  demersal fish were killing themselves off, an auto-genocide of sorts.  If and when the females actually did live to lay their eggs, the majority of the eggs would be consumed by other fish, often the unwitting male himself.
So before you is a fine taxidermy specimen of the male and female of this species found in the home of a collector of exotic animals.  He was very turned on by the description of the mating practices of these animals that he offered top dollar for a male and female specimen.  You can get anything for the right price.
These are the last of their kind.
34” x 7.5” x 6”
Mixed Media Panel
December 2010

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