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Moving up the Food Chain

Moving Up the Food Chain
The “job killing” EPA, which for years had stood in the way of industrial progress,  finally had been disbanded, giving rise to free enterprise and the creation of jobs.
Following the demise the EPA, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) similarly fell, and “cradle to the grave” record keeping of hazardous waste was discarded. Another pesky domino--the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act--was repealed, freeing up its super fund to be reallocated for more profitable purposes.
Chemicals that had been used in growing perfect food and maintaining a perfect yard became more abundant and widespread.  Everything was perfect. 
Pesticides that kill unwanted pest grew in number on the shelf and were readily available to all.  Humans could finally eradicate any type of insect they deem fit or so they thought.  Scientists were assigned the task of creating the perfect insect, one that would leave humans alone, yet pollinate the perfect food in the perfect gardens.   Mary Shelley was no longer considered a fiction writer in this society.  She had become a prophet.
Levels of radioactive wastes grew steadily in the air, water and soil without notice, until Delivery Day.  The naturally occurring radiation from human sources in a twenty year period grew to five times the levels.  The radiation dose in 2011 expressed in units of Sievert (Sv), on average, a person was exposed to approximately 3.0 mSv/year of which, 80% (2.4 mSv) is due to naturally occurring sources (i.e., background radiation), 19.6 % (almost 0.6 mSv) is due to the medical use of radiation and the remaining 0.4% (around 0.01 mSv) is due to other sources of human-made radiation.[1]  Human made radiation had slowly increased year after year, and the focus of proper disposal of the stuff had shifted. 
Radiation levels were killing off the fragile species faster than the scientists were able to document the loss.  Not all the species were fragile.  Oddly, certain types of spiders seemed to thrive in this very toxic environment.  Little did man realize that, he was creating the perfect bug in all this careless waste,  he was creating a killing machine.  This common orb building garden spider had increased to nearly 12 times its normal size and had become quite hungry.  The small insects that it used to feed on were no longer enough.  Now, it fed mainly on birds and small rodents.  Free enterprise was not the only thing increasing in size with the disbanding of the EPA, no it had become clear that killing the EPA had given rise to much bigger problems indeed, the food chain was changing.
Moving Up the Food Chain
47” x 32” x 13”
Mixed Media: Porcelain, steel rod, wire, wood, clothe and wax
June 2012

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