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A Family of Three

The only vows exchanged during the wedding ceremony were those relating to responsible conservation.  That is the only thing that matters now.  Humans and the humanoids had no other rights left.  The world government that had formed had one purpose, to protect the earth.  Religions had been disbanded, because they focused only on the worship of a god or gods and not what their god had created.  It seemed silly to think that all these people would go to their place of worship at a regular time and makes their declarations of faith to this being and then go back to their life and continue to slowly kill that which their god is said to have created with their toxic pollution.
Human DNA had become mutated from the toxic chemicals in the environment and radiation levels.  Most had lost the ability to reproduce.  For those who could reproduce, it became like a science experiment in genetic tendencies or something ordered on line:  What would the offspring be born with, or without?  There had become no rhyme or reason to the genetics, because the toxic levels that these lower humanoids lived in created such a high level of toxicity in the female that the genetic code was being rewritten in the womb.  Most did not live.  Infant mortality rates were nearing 70% which, ironically, was humane.  Had most of those, who had died, survived, they would not have lived long.  In that sense, nature was being benevolent to those that had harmed her.
This happy couple has been blessed with a baby girl capable of reproduction who has a beautiful eye.
The Bride and the Groom
24” x 21” x 8”
Mixed Media: Terra cotta, stoneware, fur, found objects, and wood
March 2012
She Has Your Eye
6.5” x 3” x 3.5”
Mixed Media: Stoneware, fur, wire, found objects, and steel rods
June 2012

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