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A Bigger Fly Swatter

Walter looked out the window of his workshop, peering at the wood pile, rubbing his arm.  On top of the wood pile sat a blow fly and on the other end a sand fly.  The blow fly was a nuisance, more than anything, and could be ignored.  It was the sand fly that was the object of Walter’s attention.  It had bitten him yesterday, and his arm and hand had swollen to twice its normal size.  Walter sat and stared at this bizarre looking creature, plotting ways to get rid of it. 
There were not many of the sand flies left in the world, but the ones that were left had grown to such an ominous size.  All chemical pesticides had been taken off the shelves in all stores and were now deemed illegal.  The use of chemical pesticides had become a crime punishable by death since they had been the cause of these strangely mutated creatures.  For so long, mankind had chosen with what it wanted to cohabitate in the insect world.  Now, mankind had no choice.  Now, the insects got to choose if they wanted to cohabitate with humans. 
The sand fly bite is toxic; it had become very toxic from the chemicals used to try to eradicate it.  What did not kill it made it stronger. The muted size had occurred over the last five years, getting bigger with each year. 
When Walter would let his animals out to graze, he would have to stay with them they entire time or the sand fly would bite the few livestock he had left, which is how he was bit yesterday. 
Walter was living a rural lifestyle.  There was no one around for him to ask for help and even if there were, he would not ask anyway.   He never asked anyone for anything.  He had closed himself off from other people long before his wife died ten years ago.  Had his wife not developed cancer, she probably would have died of loneliness living with Walter.  He never thought about her now; he had no time to entertain thoughts like that; he had other things to do.  Right now, he had to come up with a solution to rid himself of the creature that was trying to do the same to him.
Walter just sat staring and thinking of ways to solve the problem.  His jaw muscle pulsed.  His eyed widened and he came to such a simple seeming idea that he had wondered why he had not come up with this before now.  With his one working arm he began working steadily on creating a bigger fly swatter.
The Blow Fly
12” x 8” x 23”
Mixed Media: Stoneware, clothe, fur, and steel rod
June 2012
The Sand Fly
15.5” x 11” x 22”
Mixed Media: Stoneware, wood, and steel rod
March 2012

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