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      2012 has not begun as the most user friendly year. It has taken this long for me to feel like I can now begin a new body of work.  It honestly took all of January and all of February to finish what I needed to finish for 2011.  My goals are set and three shows in place: two solo and one two person.  I am currently waiting the decision on my graduate application into an MFA program.  Now I will breathe.
      Last year felt like it was several years all in one year, heavy.  There were so many levels going at such a high rate of speed for so long.  Now it is over and I feel rested.  I really realized that you are never too old to make bad decisions last year.  I stockpiled many.  I have never minded my bad decisions though, I learn the most from them.  I remember a question on an Anatomy/ Physiology test in Massage School: What causes gray hair?  Anatomy was easy for me but I really did not know this answer.  So I went through the process of elimination.  One of the answers had something to do with air bubbles, that eliminated it for me.  The answer turned out to be air bubbles, air bubbles, which may mysteriously work their way into the hair shaft contribute to graying by blocking the passage of the melanin which is what creates the color of your hair.  So the older and grayer I get the more of an air head I expect to become.  Although to be very honest, my daughter gladly pulls my grays from my head so currently I very little. 
      I am going through a process of cleaning and organizing.  The process of purging, making things lighter is so welcome after that last year.  Funny I do not remember doing this last Spring so perhaps I have found the error in my ways.  Though I am finding I know my way pretty well through chaos, order might be a challenge.
Happy New Year Everyone!!
The Bride
30” x 10” x 8”
Mixed Media: clothe, fur, wax, terra cotta, found object, and wood.
February 2012

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