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"The Happy Puppy is Blind in One Eye"

This is probably one of the funniest titles I have come up with in a while.  The pieces that make up the ceramic element were originally intended for a very different wall panel of a Picasso-like style.  Sometimes your imagination conjures images that the glazing fails to accomplish and then alas, you have more materials to use.  Most assemblage artists tend to use found objects as I have and still do but I find that I am tending towards assembling made objects.  Often when I have no ideas about what to start yet do not feel like finishing one of the many projects at various stages of completion, I will just intuitively create objects out of clay.  The big problem that I find with this style of working is the method of attachment once my mind resolves what a piece is going to become a part of.  Drilling holes into fired and glazed clay is not an easy thing to do and risky, clay breaks.
I saw the eye like piece and then the other roundish piece sitting together, I laughed.  I thought of a sorta mean yet very funny thing that I used to do in defense of my style in my late twenties.  My part was severely to the right which would leave my shoulder length hair covering my left eye.  I would coyly lean my head to the left when I would speak to someone of interest or leave my left eye covered when I had little interest in the person.  I would often get,"How can you see out of your left eye with all the hair?"  I would politely smile and tell them that I am blind in that eye anyway.  I would get an instant look of remorse and usually and an apology.  I would just smirk.  There are many people out there in the world that believe that the pretty little bar maid at Ray's and Mother's is blind in one eye.  The irony in all of it is that I am legally blind without corrective lenses and my vision without contacts or glasses is very similar to a Monet painting but blurrier, so technically I was telling the truth. (A blind eye winking inserted here.)
Puppy was donated to Spaces annual benefit and art auction Pop Royalty.  The donated pieces had to be 12" x 12" or smaller and they all will sell for $75.00 along with other lots of other festive things to fill the evening with fun. check it out and attend!

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