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The Space Between...

My last casting class at the University of Akron I made a series of aluminum pieces that had to do with the interaction between people.  I cast a series of six different pairs that related to each other and for me the interesting thing was the space that formed between the two pieces.  I have spent many evenings observing people and the way and which they relate to others.  I filtered that through Magdalena Abakanowicz Ababakans and I created these aluminums forms that interacted with one another. I remember creating these wax forms that interacted with each other.
"The Maternal Instinct" has to do with that constant battle that parents deal with when it come to raising children and how much parenting to do and how much ground do you give this child. It is so hard to decide in this world and with all this technology that most parents cannot maneuver, how can they make logical desicions for their children? 
"Sacrament" is the holy union that two people in the human form when bond to each other in love experience. There is an intertwining between two people when this level of union is established and this has nothing to do with what the church considers a sacrament.  It is the art of the human experience, to love someone and then experience them physically, that should be a sacrament.
"Joy and Release"  this is the telling of a really good story and the bellowing laughter that follows.  This is the intimate contact and the orgasm that follows.  This is also the rocking of that tiny baby in your arms as you watch the heavy eyes finally give in to sleep and the moments that you spend watching that tiny creature sleep.  Joy and Release is, to me, a type of ebb and flo.  All I know is ebb and flow and the tidal waves that occasionally enter my brain so the process of feeling joy and the act of release is a common feeling for me.
"I am drawn to you"  I think about how many people I have met that, for no other reason but, that I was drawn to them.  I ponder that phenomenon.  Why am I drawn to some people and not others?  Why him and not her? or Why her and not him?  I have never found a rhyme nor a reason for that magnetic occurrence that happens inside of me and everyone else I suspect.  I do notice that I am drawn for very different reasons to different people and the reasons vary from person to person. 

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