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Guys and Dogs

11 May 2011
Guys and Dogs:
I met a dog this week.  It was a big happy dog that barely had eyes.  I played with this big happy dog for a while until he started getting rough, jumping and biting on my hand.  I realize that some people really do not like it when someone gets their dog wound-up so I began trying to calm the jumping panting creature but I made a fatal error, an error that reminded me why I have cats.  I sat down on the step that was in front of us thinking that the dog would lay down in front of me and I would continue to pet the dog but no, no, no, no, this dogs goes behind me and puts his paws on my shoulders which I really do not thing too much about until I turn my head to see the dog's hips thrusting and the pink thing emerging...I was like, "Whoa! Slow down there doggy." jumping to my feet. 
I remember as a girl going up to visit my neighbor's. They had a little Jack Russel Terrier named "Jeepy."  Jeepy taught me not to sit down around male dogs because whenever I would sit down Jeepy would come over and proceed to hump my leg with a good amount of viggor.  I will never forget the moment of horror when my very young mind figured out what this dog was doing to my leg. 
I have never had a cat try to hump my leg or any other part of my body for that matter.  It is not that I would never own a dog, I do like dogs but I would have to own a female dog I am afraid. 
Sometimes it is fun to just be playfully with art and for the most part the 5 pieces that I submitted for ACME's  "Guys and Dogs" show are quite playful with some necessary sarcasm of course.  
 "Man" is this half man/half belly dragging fish creature.  My brain is still thinking about the Gulf Oil spill and the toxic environment we are creating and the adaptation that will inevitably have to happen. 
 "The King is a Queen" is my homage to all of the homosexual men in my life that I love dearly. 
"His Collection" or "Room for More" is a sarcastic jab at men and their emotional carelessness collecting hearts along the way.
"Dog" is a dog with a man's head but not just any head but my stylize man's head. 
 Last but certainly not least "Baby-Daddy."  I looked up the anatomy of a sperm cell and made it about two feet long and a foot and a half wide out of stoneware.  The five foot long flagellum is the old belt from our lawnmower.  It has wheels on it and a rope to pull and like Dylan said, "This is a toy for Wednesday from the Adam's Family. 
This will be a fun show.
The Opening begins tomorrow, May the 12th from 5-10 and continues Friday from 5-10...options!

2 Comments to Guys and Dogs:

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Chuck on Saturday, May 14, 2011 10:49 AM
Jeez Cornstalk, sounds pretty much like your average date in the 80's.
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Annette on Saturday, May 14, 2011 12:47 PM
I guess I did not date too much in the 80's Chuck thankfully!

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